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You can download your required CAIE Pre U Pastpapers below. The Cambridge PreU is a school leaving qualification from Cambridge Assessment International Education that is an alternative to the current A Level qualification. It is principally aimed at students aged 16–19, and has recognition for university entrance.
In November 2019 we announced that we will be withdrawing Cambridge Pre-U. The last examinations for all subjects will be June 2023, with a resit available in June 2024. We are withdrawing five low-entry subjects – Latin, Classical Greek, Psychology, Russian and Italian – one year earlier, in June 2022 with a resit available in June 2023

The Cambridge Pre-U was launched in 2008 by Cambridge International Examinations in order to create a qualification which would offer additional depth in subjects beyond the standard A-Level syllabus. A number of independent, grammar and comprehensive schools and sixth-form colleges have replaced A-Levels with Cambridge Pre-Us in some subjects. A British school in Kenya, switched to Pre-U, making it the first centre for these examinations outside the UK. Over 120 schools offer Cambridge Pre-U in at least some subjects and over 300 further schools have registered interest.

As there are continuous reforms with British A-levels, some schools have not only decided to offer the Cambridge Pre-U as an alternative but to switch completely to offering solely the Cambridge Pre-U (or other exams such as International A-levels, the IB etc.) to offer students a more consistent education.


CAIE Pre U Pastpapers





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